Bilal Philips Lectures

Muslim Women and the Ummah

Most critics of Islam discuss the way they perceive Islam defines the role of the Muslim woman’s. Shaykh Bilal Philips responds with the correct understanding of the role of women in Islam.

The World of the Jinn

Shaykh Bilal Philips discusses the topic of the world of Jinns and clarifies misconceptions and misunderstandings of this world.

ISIS is not Islam

Shaykh Bilal Philips explains why it is important for Muslims not to go to extremes in religion and to stay on the middle path. This middle path is moderation based on the revelation.

The Soul of Ramadan

Dr. Bilal Philips delivers a powerful lecture explaining about effects of fasting; the outer effect (fast of the body) and the inner effect (fast of the soul), and why it is important to ensure that the goal of Ramadan is put in its right place.

Gangsterism: Busting the Gang

Shaykh Bilal Philips talks about the problem of Muslims involved in gangs and methods to stop these gangs.

The Struggle of the Prophet

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Cultural Islam or Islamic Culture

Separating Islam from the cultures of the people is very important as many people have linked some of these barbaric Cultural practices to Islam such as Honour killings, acid attacks, forced marriages, abuse of basic human rights. As a result some have left Islam because of these Cultural practises not to mention the propaganda from the media.

Dr Bilal Philips talks about the impact of culture on our practice of Islam and the importance of putting Islamic values before cultural values.

“It is He (Allah) Who sent among the unlettered ones a Messenger (Muhammad peace be upon him) from among themselves, reciting to them His Verses, purifying them (from the filth of disbelief and polytheism) and teaching them the Book (this Quran, Islamic laws and Islamic jurisprudence) and Al-Hikmah (As-Sunnah: legal ways, orders, acts of worship or the Prophet). And verily, they had been before in manifest error” (Surah Al-Jumaah 62:2)

Twins of Faith @ Malaysia, 24-25 December 2011 – Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

The Trust Story of Dajjal

In this lecture series Shaykh Bilal Philips discusses the authentic sources on Dajjal and the reality of it.

The Message: La Illaha Illallah

This lecture took place in Toronto, Canada at the Journey of Faith conference in 2008.

The Forces of Evil

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: Part 10:

Mankind in Crisis

Mankind in Crisis by Bilal Philips The Challenge for civilization The speaker outlines how the West perceives Islam as a threat by quoting from several sources such as Samuel P. Huntington’s book “The Clash of Civilisations”. The speaker then discusses how un-Islamic themes have developed in democratic societies and how we have started to adopt […]

7 Habits of Truly Successful People

Shaykh Bilal Philips explains characteristics of people who will be successful in the eyes of Allah.

Ramadan: A Way of Life

Part 1: Part 2:

Religion and Science

Part 1: Part 2:

Avoiding the Unlawful

God’s will is expressed in His commandments. This lecture is about respecting the limits set by Allah. The actions you lead express the person you are. Discusses Cat Stevens and Elton John. Discusses lottery, the effects it has on people, and the Muslim who killed himself.

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